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Shoot for a dating site that helps connect adults with mutual intentions of just hooking up.

Meet & Flirt is an international dating site, focused in people who just want to meet new people and get dates as well as people who are looking for a serious relationship.

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But first, here’s a rundown of what the site is and how they operate.

Based on my experiences, it’s nothing but a site where people within the United States can hire girls to have sex with them.

I don’t care if you’re using the usasexguide in Honolulu or in Detroit. So, to sum things up, the following are reasons why you want to avoid the USA Sex Guide forum indefinitely.

If you have any other reasons to add, please let me know so I can share them with my readers.

Meet & Flirt has the basic features of any dating site (detailed profil, advanced search, mailbox, favourites list, etc).

The site features also a tool called “Flirt”, which lets you select the profils that you are interested in, so they could be notified in the case of match, as well as interesting tools and features to find singles anywhere you are, because the site is available in many languages.

I’ll kick things off by giving those unfamiliar a quick overview of the site and what it claims to offer.

If you’re that curious, you can take a peek at the site homepage by visiting Stay focused and find out why I dislike it so much.

The type of girls that use this site are not the ones that you want to hook up with.

Sure the site showcases a ton of information about local hookers but they are a huge pain that can cause you lots of legal issues and money problems, not to mention diseases too!

You can sign in with your email or with your Facebook, google , Yahoo or Windows Live profile.

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