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Know More Cognitive extrusion Whatever you want to call it: Smart Industry, Intelligent Manufacturing, Industry 4.0, Fo F Factories of the Future, Digital Manufacturing, Industrial Value Chain, IIo T Industrial Internet of Things , equipment optimisation and operations in the factory, is valued at .7T by 2025 (Mc Kinsey Global Institute) making it an ... Extrusion and Compounding Equipment ‹ Manufacturing ...

Thermo Scientific pharmaceutical compounders for hot melt extrusion and continuous granulation offer reliable solutions for drug discovery and development.

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Know More Engineering know-how made in Germany is the basis for the high quality of Leistritz extruders and extrusion lines.

The location Germany is an important building block for service and technology.

N-EXT TM consists of a self-contained, skid-mounted nitriding / nitrocarburizing system that facilitates a fast and simplified setup.

Available in five sizes, each system is delivered complete with a furnace, control system, racking and emission control equipment.

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