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But while you can sometimes add your profile, upload your photos, search a site for potential matches and receive messages from possible suitors without paying a penny, you can't usually reply to a message until you've coughed up for a subscription.

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And with Valentine's Day fast-approaching, it's well worth knowing how much your quest for love might set you back.

The good news is online dating can be relatively cheap.

One month's subscription costs between £14 and £40 – so around the price of a meal out.

It's a bit irritating, however, that most sites are coy about revealing their fees until after you've registered.

Paul Wilson the manager of e21told us: "Online Dating is a booming industry and demand is strong internationally.

It is a very profitable business and it is essential to have a quality dating domain name that people will remember instantly.It's easy to forget this and end up paying hundreds of pounds by direct debit for a service you no longer want or need.The only way round this is to cancel your subscription almost as soon as you've joined./24-7Press Release/ - May 09, 2007 - We are pleased to announce that the following very rare and high quality Online Dating and Dating domain names are now for sale.Dating Dating Loyal Single Dating Hot Dating Relation Friend Man Loyal Social Friendship Sexy King Women Sexy Affair Guys Loving Romance Sexy Lesbian Smut Many more are available at is an excellent opportunity to acquire very rare and desirable Dating domain names that will be a valuable asset to any online Dating company.So I would recommend bigger sites rather than the smaller niche ones." While you can still find sites where you just upload your profile and search for a possible match, many are jumping on to the scientific bandwagon by offering compatibility and psychometric testing to pick out partners with the personality traits to suit you. Porter is not convinced these methods are any more successful than online browsing: "I think it's always better to do a bit of trawling of your own, as I am a bit sceptical as to how good those systems are for matching you up with the right people." Watch out for automated re-billing One thing to be aware of if you decide to sign up for a paid subscription is that if you don't cancel it, you will be automatically re-billed.

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