Dating your best friend stories

And while they search for the serial killer lose in their town, Violet begins to realize that Jay's protectiveness of her may be a little more than friendly.

A unique take on the friends-in-love trope, Kimberly Derting's The Body Finder combines science fiction, murder, mystery, and a love story to create a thrilling and romantic read. When Anna is forced to go to Paris for boarding school, the only thing that makes her feel better is Étienne St.

From classic Jane Austen novels to modern YA romances, here 11 books about falling in love with your best friend, because who makes a better romantic partner than your favorite partner in crime?

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He was a really special person, and although it wouldn't have worked out romantically, I would give anything to go back in time and keep him as a friend." —Jessica, 29"It ruined other friendships""Our relationship grew out of a very close friendship, and for a little over a year, it was wonderful. We had different expectations for the relationship, and from there, we were doomed.

It seemed like the perfect idea: date an already-close friend. Initially, the problems stemmed from the slow-burn of our relationship and the fact that we never really sat down and defined what we were doing. The unhappy ending to the story is that both of us lost friends over it.

Like most young relationships, it didn't work out in the end, but I still remember it fondly, in part because it was with one of my best friend.

Even though we didn't get our happy ending, falling in love with your best friend is like living a fairy tale.

I tried to break it off—without mentioning the reason why—and over the next week or so he reached out to me with several desperate text messages, saying that he thought we 'had something real' and didn't understand what had gone so wrong.

We would often run into each other in our group of friends after that, so it took all the acting chops I could muster to keep our mortifying hookup a secret from everyone else, including his ex-girlfriend.

Her new life seems to be going great (and a whole lot sexier), but things get even more complicated for Quinn when her ex decides to try and win her back. Harvey is head over heels for Alice, and she knows it.

Torn between her best friend-turned-steamy lover and her old flame, Quinn gets wrapped up in a seriously steamy romance. After Alice finds out she is dying, she decides to do everything on her bucket list: the good, the bad, and the ugly. And when Alice finds out she is in remission, she must go back and right all of her wrongs, especially the ones against the best friend that has always been by her side. Over three books, Mal and Alina battled darkness, monsters, and pure evil, but despite all the shadows around them, they also found time to fall in love.

What if your best friend doesn't feel the same way as you?

It's this mix of perfect romance and potential drama that is what makes reading about them so fun.

In a sweet and sexy novel about the deep connection and chemistry between friends, Lauren Layne's Blurred Lines seeks to find out what happens when friendly relationships cross the line. Though their ultimate pairing was controversial (even J. Rowling herself said she wished she never put them together), Ron and Hermione are a prime example of longtime best friends who eventually realize that they're meant to be something more.

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