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This frustrates many women who want to create stability and security with him. These types of feelings are what he tries to avoid and this is when he gets hot and cold.He’ll come on heavy then back off and be very cold with quickness.It’s not that he wants to see you angry (actually sometimes he does as it turns him on) but; he ultimately wants to see where your breaking point is. This is what will make you feel confused and uncertain whether or not he is with you or if he’s possibly seeing others.

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If you can learn to understand him well enough; you may be able to get comfortable with tell tale signs with him.

His Moon sign will definitely dictate how extreme he may be as well.

If he jumps into one too quickly, it typically ends in disaster.

He emotionally isn’t equipped for dealing with other people’s emotions and this makes it hard for him to relate to women.

While at times this can seem harmless and endearing; there are times where it’s not exactly what you probably signed up for.

What I mean by this is that Gemini men can act like children when they are angry.

It’s his way of getting in there, rooting around, and figuring you out as much as he can.

This teaches him how far he can take things with you.

As such, he has to be very careful in who he chooses for a long term mate.

This man will take a very long time before he actually will commit.

Sadly this is one of the things that Gemini men deal with when they cheat.

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