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The settlement developed together with this castle, and also adopting the same name, remained unchanged even when the town was conquered by Peter the First as a deliberate move to protect St. And only in 1917, when the Vyborg gubernia as part of the Grand Duchy of Finland separated from Russia, the town was renamed to Viipuri, while it was within Finnish territory.

And then, in 1940, after the Russo-Finnish war became a Russian city again.

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Now, surrounded by scaffolds, and patiently awaiting restoration, it attracts the gaze of visitors and tourists, with its shabby look from time and sea wind, but proudly towering over the old city.

Other buildings, on the contrary, are avoiding the excessive ancient look, like the medieval castle which has survived many wars, and is the heart of the city.

Swallows] (about 350 rubles one way), which take only an 1 hour and 10 minutes.

Tickets can be bought at the ticket offices, or in numerous self-service machines (which, by the way, have a menu in English), and in order to avoid a queue on the way back, you can also buy a return ticket immediately (which will work for three days from the date of purchase).

The historical part of the park - the manor and park ensemble of the late 18th and early 19th centuries, which includes monuments of wooden architecture of classicism - the main manor house and the Library outbuilding - organically transforms into a forest park complex, which combines rare beauty with rocky landscapes.

The unique island-necropolis and the water source known since ancient times, the majestic "curly" rocks and ancient avenues on the picturesque coast - Monrepo is like a magical forest, and it's easy to get lost - but doesn’t it make the trip even more exciting?Lots of buildings still have Finnish windows, red roofs and ornaments inspired by northern folklore.Vyborg was lucky to become the first and the most popular border town to Finland and Europe.The library makes an incredible impression, the combination of wood and natural lighting fascinates - and fortunately, even as a tourist, you can see all this magnificence, as the library conducts regular excursions.And for nature lovers Vyborg prepares a special treasure - the rocky park of Monrepos (from the French “Mon Repos” - "my rest", "my recumbence") on the shore of the Vyborg Gulf.Based on the retelling of the chronicles that have not survived to this day, the Novgorodian elder Gostomysl founded a "city by the sea" in the 9th century and named it after his eldest son "Vybor", and some believe that this was the beginning of this city with such a rich and ambiguous history.

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