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It is also the last year some components are still the original C Record design including the crankset, front derailleur, front hub and seat post.

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The Introduction of “C” Record, Victory & Triomphe equipment.

The Cerchio (rims) catalog is undated but has one page identical to a rims page in the main catalog, so it is assumed to be 1984 despite the use of the older world logo on the cover.

Parts Catalogs show exploded diagrams of components with individual parts and manufacturer part numbers.

Part numbers often cross-reference to items available on other components and are invaluable when trying to locate replacements.

Exploded diagrams are essential to correct restoration and re-assembly. First Row: Product Range, Spare Parts and Tools, Spring/Summer Apparel.

Second Row: Components Trade Catalog, Components Technical Manual, Spring/Summer Trade Apparel, Autumn/Winter Trade Apparel.Sometimes considered the last (and best) year of the “C-Record” era.This is the last year Components did not have the group name printed on them.Besides the hubs, I had purchased a pair of impossibly light Super Champion tubular rims and built my first pair of wheels.Whether it was because of the extreme lightness of the rims or because of my amateur wheel-building skills (probably both), the wheels seemed to need constant truing.The Gran Sports were comprised of a steel barrel with aluminum flanges pressed on.

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