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We all know that dating in your 20s is a different experience today than it has been in generations past — your parents, grandparents, and the checkout lady at the grocery store have all already reminded you of that.

In the digital age of apps and Instagrams, I don't necessarily want to read about a fairytale romance or an unattainably perfect meet-cute. Whether you read these books on your Kindle or hear them in your ears via headphones, if you've ever been out on a less-than-dreamy date and wondered what the eff is in the water these days, these books will comfort you in a major way. (Shout-out to that time a dude had two phones out while on a date with me.

and still have the stamina to get back on the dating horse again on a Tuesday night.

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It must be true what they say: comedians are funny because deep down they really understand human nature.

Seems that being a comedian and hosting a radio show provide good material for writing a dating book- this too is written by a comedian who hosted a radio show.

This time it’s a woman, and her name is Sherry Argov. Her words are written with a certain kind of authority that make it seem she really might be onto something.

What woman couldn’t use a dose of self-empowerment when it comes to dating?

If you've ever swiped through Tinder on the couch with your best friend, you need this book.

Real-life former matchmaker Hannah Orenstein delivers the tale of Sasha, a 22-year-old matchmaker who juggles the eccentric demands of her clients with her own increasingly complicated love life. This is a book about exploring your sexuality and figuring it all out as you grow into your adult self.

According to this book, the key to finding a mate is understanding men.

Author, comedian and talk show personality Steve Harvey wants to empower you, and he’s using his credentials as a popular radio call-in talk show host on dating to do that.

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