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“Family photos are powerful,” said Maureen Taylor, in her presentation at the 2016 Roots Tech conference.

“Each one of your family photographs tells a story, and each one of your family photographs can be just as powerful to you and to your family history.” While we all cherish the family photos that remind us of a fishing trip with grandpa or a vacation with cousins, it’s likely that we also have some unidentified photos, and we’re anxious to figure out who is in the picture and when it was taken.

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Dating tintypes

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Tintype photographs, introduced in the 1850s, enjoyed tremendous popularity for over 50 years.

They provided a cheaper, faster alternative to daguerreotypes because the image was ready within minutes.

The following tips describe which characteristics increase the value of tintypes. Older tintypes are rarer and used a heavier metal plate, but dating them proves difficult because they were popular for so many years and the surface could not easily be inscribed.

Earliest productions bear the stamped patent along the edge, "Neff's Melainotype Pat 19 Feb 56." Historicize the content.A scallop shell necklace.” Taylor noted that this necklace could indicate that this girl lived close to the coast, or perhaps it was a gift from a relative who did.Whatever the prop may be, it could hold an important clue into unlocking the mystery ancestor in the photo.Chocolate-brown images with rustic themes like wooden fences and rural props found great popularity for a longer period from 1870 to 1895.Traveling photographers still made tintypes into the 1930s when visiting rural areas. Any pictures of the Civil War era, especially those portraying uniforms, war scenes or artifacts, will be highly prized.“Research into the photographer can provide a time frame for the photograph as well.” What Type of Props Are in the Picture?

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