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Ferrozzo was also fresher, as he came to replace Jerry Bohlander, who had got injured in the previous round.

The two fought evenly in the clinch for minutes, with Tank coming closer to a stoppage by opening a cut in Scott's face, but Ferrozzo eventually gained the advantage with knees to the body and a heavy uppercut.

Tank climbed the cage to fight professional boxer Sam Adkins in the first round, an affair he ended quickly by forearm choke against the cage wall.

This tournament venture was cut short, however, by Scott Ferrozzo, a contender from Don Frye's entourage who was billed as a "pitfighter" like Abbott himself.

Abbott beat the customer severely, and the customer, who turned out to be a son of a detective, pressed charges for assault.

Abbott was sentenced to six months in jail, the judge saying "Mr. I'm surprised you haven't killed somebody." He was promoted to the UFC management by his future manager Dave Thomas, who credited him as a veteran street fighter who lifted 600lbs in bench press and had knocked out four men in his last brawl.

Abbott returned the same year as part of the Ultimate Ultimate event, which saw runner-ups and champions from the previous UFC tournaments gathered together.

He first fought UFC 3 winner and ninjutsu practitioner Steve Jennum, whom he outweighed by 80lbs.

He then attended Cal State University-Long Beach where he graduated with a degree in History.

During this time he was trained in boxing by Noe Cruz who also trained world champion boxer Carlos Palomino at the Westminster Boxing Gym.

He has described his fighting style, which he developed brawling in the bars and streets of Huntington Beach, California, as "Pit Fighting".

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