sex dating in morton wyoming - Dating someone with an ostomy

If the next guy I meet can’t deal with me having a bag, then screw him!

I hope people who do have a colostomy bag or anything similar in their lives don’t believe they are incapable of being loved.

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I actually took a photo of it and decided to raise money for Crohn’s and Colitis Australia, and plastered the photo all over Facebook and Instagram. I was comfortable in my skin, so guess what happened?

I met a guy, who wasn’t afraid of what I told or showed him; he actually loved me more because of what I had been through, and how I still managed to be so positive and happy about life.

We ended up dating, and a few months later I was told the tunnel had been fixed and that I would be booked in to get it reserved again.

It didn’t seem to matter as much this time because I’d found someone who loved me for me and had told me that once the bag was removed, that it wouldn’t change the way he felt about me.

I was healthy and happy, but soon realised that the only reason why I was still dating him was because he loved me even though I’d had the bag.

That reason alone wasn’t a good enough reason to stay. I went to the toilet and lost a lot of blood, and knew immediately that something wasn’t right. When I was sitting in bed waiting for my flexi sigmoidoscopy, my doctor asked me if any poo was leaking from my vagina, and I very proudly said no.

First, I had fevers that would come and go, and which doctors couldn’t explain.

Second, my bottom hadn’t been used in over 18 months.

After my first surgery, I had an epidural and couldn’t feel my stomach for a few days.

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