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Let me say a few words to the non Solomon Island dweller: love here is a complicated thing.

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There is a very large ceremony and quite a lot of money is now paid to “purchase” the woman.

The intention, again according to my local matron (older women) friends, has been warped beyond recognition, giving the man “ownership” over his bride.

This needs to be discussed at length on a highly effective level and I don't feel I have the knowledge or technical ability to clearly discuss those issues right now in this blog entry.

I have several friends who work in that field and they are my heroes.

I don't know if its the time of year here or what but something is clearly up.

This is kind of my advice guide for newbies re: sexual interactions in the Solomons.

I felt slightly sorry of the bride in her huge white dress.

The girl, only 20, was sweating profusely in the heat, as was her young groom.

After the ceremony, the couple leaves the church and heaps of colourful confetti are thrown at the couple.

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