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Add photos of you and the two of you together in photo albums, scrapbooks or on a coffee mug so he can share his morning with you.Rosenya Faith has been working with children since the age of 16 as a swimming instructor and dance instructor.Dating someone in the military takes a lot of strength and patience.

These bases aren’t necessarily located in war zones but the same expectations apply.

Military men and women are stationed there for long periods of time with very limited opportunities to return home.

If you can focus on building a solid relationship, maintaining a connection with others and keeping your own needs in mind, you and your partner will be off to a good start.

Communication and trust are important in any romantic relationship, but due to lengthy separations and information that your Marine can’t share with you, they are paramount in a relationship with a Marine.

Military families often accompany soldiers on deployment to military bases that aren’t located in war zones.

This is something that is reserved for married couples and their families.

Send your love to your boyfriend while he’s away with care packages --you can even use them to show off how well you know him, too.

Fill a care package with his favorite goodies and personal items.

If you’re a stay-at-home wife or mom, consider pursuing a small business or working from home to provide you with a little disposable income and fill up your spare time.

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