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Where to eat De Walrus is one of the more famous cafes in the city, with a beautiful terrace when the weather is nice and good sandwiches year round.

The cafe offers both lunch and dinner as well as high tea and high wine.

Or if your preference is for unfrozen water, Sneek Week.

The city itself is the only of the Frisian cities to be walled, an expensive and difficult project due to the surrounding geography.

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There you can find plenty of versions of this local spirit for sale, as well as take a tour of the museum which, of course, is followed by a tasting.

The building is one of the oldest in the city, dating from 1484.

For a more traditional hotel option, there is the Hotel Stadsherberg Sneek.

The building was built in 1845 and reopened as a hotel in 2014.

Most famous for its Sneek Week, a week long sailing competition and festival, the Frisian city of Sneek (Snits in West Frisian) has plenty to offer during the other 51 weeks of the year.

Molly Quell goes north (again) to check out to eat more .

Both accept the museum card and both are in the city centre.

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