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Plus the fact that 50-70 people, sometimes more, and all of them men, wipe their feet on the mat every day.

I’ve been to London twice, but I know I’ve barely scratched the surface of this great city.

The first time I went, I was only there for the day.

A girlfriend and I were staying in Derby, England with a British friend, and after I begged him, he agreed to drive us the two hours into London for the day.

We didn’t do much but wander around, drink beer and eat burgers that day, but it gave me my first taste of lovely London.

Young revolutionaries enthusiastically embraced the ‘glass of water’ theory, which stated that sex was humans’ only basic need and should be satisfied as simply and easily as thirst by a glass of water.

It would throw the prostitutes out of work, of course, but again, the Bolshevik authorities weren’t keen, and Lenin declared that ‘our young people have quite lost their minds to this theory’.

The Bolshevik revolution of 1917 officially put an end to ‘the exploitation of man (and woman? Prostitutes started talking about their rights and even tried to set up trade unions.

The communist authorities, however, refused to accept workers in the oldest profession as members of the working class on a par with seamstresses or weavers.

There is, of course, no sign on the house on Vladimirsky Prospekt.

Clients learn that eight qualified prostitutes await their pleasure on the fifth floor only from the internet and specialised magazines and newspapers.

Prostitution as such was not a punishable offence, although pimping was.

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