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Did I particularly enjoy hearing a former roommate shout various dude names on the reg from the other side of our paper thin walls?Not rally, but I was kinda doing the same often, too.At least, at that point, your roommate has the option to delude themselves into thinking you and Mr. Handy earplugs are a good preventative measure because sometimes people get drunk and forget all the rules—however, that doesn't make your early-morning presentation disappear. Or better yet (and yes, this is a personal anecdote), with a small small small towel hastily draped across a drooping boner—especially if there's only one bathroom in the living space.

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So that option was out and honestly, if you get close enough to the door to knock, you can almost certainly hear all the porno noises on the other end.

Instead, if you gotta chat with your roommate and their door is closed with a ~friend~, resort to either waiting to circle back or texting them if it's an immediate issue.

Also, it's pretty rude to remind your roommate they're not currently getting laid, and even if they are (that's some synchronization, bb), don't distract them with your own bedroom adventures. Rubbing bare genitals on the kitchen counter is not only in poor taste, it also spreads weird germs and...liquids...around in a very unsanitary way.

It's also a little questionable to stuff organs in another person on a communal couch.

Choose your battles wisely because obviously there are exceptions that need to be discussed with housemates before it becomes a serious problem.

Even if something is seriously not OK during a roommate's obvious bang sesh, wait until later to discuss (unless, like, the house is on fire).Here's some super vital rules all roommates should follow with sex in your shared home: This isn't just confined to moaning and groaning, although obviously that's important to keep fairly quiet too, especially depending on the apartment floor plan or general wall width.No one wants to be chillin', preparing a nice macaroni-for-one and hear you or your partner bellowing dirty talk in a way that doesn't leave a lot of mystery.However, if you have roommates, you gotta keep them feeling as comfortable as possible while you and a pal make a quick (or long) trip to Bonesville.To be real, this was the second topic approached with my first-ever roommate duo freshman year in the dorms.(Yes, I just quoted The Real World.) Part of being real includes getting laid.

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