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Cherokee women used to drink an infusion of wild cherry bark for fast delivery.

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Of course, each indigenous culture had its own unique beliefs and superstitions connected with childbirth, as well as a special set of rituals for close family members to participate in.

Scholars share the belief that many First Peoples had similar practices involving select people within the community and family members.

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During their pregnancy women didnt eat raccoon or pheasant because the baby could become sick or even die.

Birthmarks could appear because of eating speckled trout and a baby would have a big nose if his mother consumed black walnuts.

Nineteenth-century anthropologist James Mooney described some of the rituals performed when the birth grew closer.

For example, people of Cherokee practiced a special ritual which was to frighten the child out of the mothers womb.

The pregnant women of the Mohawk and Mahican Indians who inhabited the territory now known as New York, according to the observation of Dutchman Adrien Van der Donck, used to go alone to a secluded place not far from a river, or stream of water where they made a shelter for themselves using mats and other coverings.

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