Dating mtf transsexuals

So I want to try and address some of the parts of the idea instead in a few posts.

That’s like me assuming every man I date has a big chopper... You can’t just stereotype and make your own assumptions.

Because of the 'label' of being trans, people have this fixed idea of me.

with simply “Donald Trump”, obviously context depending, there is no judgement made there about that.

This contrasts with normative claims, which do imply evaluation of the facts.

The first being to just apply sexuality as it is in the cis het normative perspective. This one is obviously not one which works for a lot of trans people.

The second being that we keep the cis het normative perspectives — but we also allow for exceptions to the rule.

Not sure it fully justifies the tantrum, but ho hum.

This option is the one where we completely remove our system of sexuality right now and come back with an entirely new one.

So if the frame work you base your entire hypothesis on isn’t a stable ground to do so, you shouldn’t be all surprised when it falls down as soon as you lean some criticism on it. One of the more fun things I’ve noticed about sexuality is the idea that we should define it in reference to ourselves.

So when we make a statement like “I’m a lesbian” we’re not just saying “I like women” we’re actually saying “I’m a woman who likes women”. Why would we ever need to include ourselves into the question of what we find sexually attractive? You can definitely make the argument that saying you’re a lesbian helps cut through a lot of bullshit.

Which I get, we all want simple answers because its far easier to carry around a thousand simple answers than 10 complex ones. How should we fit trans people into it if we do keep it?

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