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Always on edge, Alyssa must learn to control her new abilities and explore her psychic connections, creating a rift between her and Sebastian while bringing Valel closer.Even with Valel’s near-constant presence, she has never felt more alone and her efforts to fix her relationship with Sebastian are futile.

Just out of high school, Alyssa Rose has one lofty career goal.

With all the assistance the aliens have provided to humanity, Alyssa wants to do her part to repay them, however she can.

Fighting beside the coalition leader and her lover, Sebastian Roberts, Alyssa has made it her mission to free humans from alien enslavement.

When a hybrid species, the Karans, is revealed, Alyssa finds herself metaphysically connected to them – and to one in particular.

😉 Skating onto your screens in the new year, it's @Mark_Hanretty and @Iam Saira Khan! Jj UYWLRQy— Dancing On Ice (@dancingonice) November 8, 2018"I'm so excited, I can't wait to see you and I can't wait to do some skating for you!

Alexander is married to Richard Blackwood's professional skater partner Carlotta Edwards.

How about one more #Dancing On Ice skating pair announcement before bed?

Valel is determined to convince her that their psychic link proves they are meant to be together.

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