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He explains the problem from one point of view: ‘We have identified this problem since we began operations in 2005 as the single biggest threat we are facing.There is a definite link between the migration of African nationals and the spread of this threat.The links between the criminal gangs and romance scamming online is not being openly reported by many western police forces because it is more and more linked to illegal international migration.

The US Department of Justice has recently published alarming reports on the scale of the threat being posed.

They have established links between a range of online fraudulent activities such as BEC, which stands for attacks and online romance scamming also linking it to gangs engaged in extensive money laundering operations.

Police in Thailand last year also linked the activities of the romance scamming gangs to the financing and execution of drugs related criminal activity and even prostitution were the Africans were trafficking prostitutes from Africa into Thailand.

The effectiveness of the crackdown launched by Thai police since then cannot be denied but it must be seen in the context of this criminal activity throughout the world mushrooming and other police forces not being as active as those in Thailand or perhaps the United States or even Australia in combating it at source.

The FBI’ssaid in statement last July that from December 2016 to May 2018 the scale of losses suffered by victims had increased by 136%.

The level of losses in 2016 was even at that point such that US crime fighting agencies warned that this trade was potentially even a more lucrative than the international drugs trade.It is an abominable crime and can have traumatic and devastating consequences for its victims.For the record and to be open, we should point out that this news website is part of a company that owns a leading international Thai dating website is Mr Joseph O’ Connor.arrives in Kuala Lumpur at the end of last month to be on hand as police raided seven locations in Malaysia’s capital city and arrested seven Nigerian nationals as well seven Thai women. The gang had duped Thai women to part with up to ฿100 million in a one year period according to the police man known affectionately in Thailand as ‘Big Joke.’ This week, Thai police arrested six people also for crimes related to online romance scams after Thai women lost ฿2.5 million. The online scammers have also been linked to drug crime and prostitution in Thailand.Although police operations have been ongoing against them for a number of years, the last year has seen the threat diminished in Thailand and the scammers on the back foot.The gangs have been reported through FBI communiques, to be also cooperating with mafia and criminal network in eastern Europe.

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