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"If these are regular views you each hold, and a way of life that you are wanting to continue to live by, you are likely not going to find yourself romantically compatible," Martinez says.

Let it go."The biggest sign of romantic incompatibility is if you and the person you’re seeing have different expectations from the relationship," Salama Marine, psychologist and online dating expert for dating website Elite Singles, tells Bustle.

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Sure, we can all feel a little goofy around our mates sometimes, and they're not always going to do exactly the gesture we want.

But if you or your partner feel embarrassed or ashamed of each other?

What are the under-the-radar signs you're incompatible?

If you find yourself late-night Googling something along those lines, here's a hint: You might, in fact, be incompatible.

"If they are embarrassed once or twice, OK." But if every time you send them a bunch of heart emojis or leave them a little love note, they tell you how stupid they think it is, not good."If they feel your romantic actions are childish or over the top, then romantically you two are not going to hit it off," he says.

"In return, that is also the case if you find that you are embarrassed, or just feeling your partner's romantic intentions are stupid," he adds.But for some reason, you’re spending more time trying to convince yourself about how great he is then actually feeling the spark. Different is good; we want to be exposed to new things and new ways to live in the world. A little resentment can come and go with normal fights and miscommunications in relationships, but if one or both of you inherently resent the other, you’re walking on broken ground.Unless he’s racist, or would want you to conform to a religion that you don’t believe in. Kate Ferguson Kate Ferguson is a Los Angeles local and freelance writer for a variety of blog and magazine genres.When you know, you know; when you're not sure, you know, too, but it's harder to admit, because the thing you know in that case is that it's wrong. It's true that chemistry is a weird thing, fickle and reckless in some, curvaceous and never-ending in others, and nary a reason for it, other than the fact that pheromones are real, and often most of what draws us to each other is not a naked-eye kind of thing.So, then, compatibility — and its ugly stepsister, incompatibility — is not always something you can put your finger on, point to and say, "There it is."It will benefit you to have this conversation early on." Be as honest and upfront as you possibly can.

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