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This, though, also guarantees anonymity: No one in a user’s workplace or first circle on social media will come across their profile. – purposefully, I’m assured, as it’s happy hour – and never will there be more than 5 available to users at any given time.

Once invites have been extended and accepted, matches start to be made – though users won’t get the amount they would likely receive on Tinder or Bumble. On The League, the company says, it’s about quality, not quantity.

And, in a move that can’t be ignored, Gawker author Sam Biddle penned a piece entitled “Dating App CEO: I’m Not an Elitist, Just an Asshole,” in which he criticized one of the app’s marketing schemes involving a photo of a Depression-era breadline that spoke to the idea of having a high quality waitlist before touching on CEO Bradford’s choice to be “elitist.” It’s a problem that Bradford tackled directly via Linked In, saying that once she received her MBA (after she attended Carnegie Mellon to study computer science on a scholarship), her ranks in both education and career took a toll on her dating life.

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Invite-only dating app The League, with a college admissions-like application process and $200 yearly membership fee, has been frequently branded an exclusive dating app for the hot, popular kids and Ivy League types.

But in places like New York City, San Francisco and London, it’s working – and Charlotte is next in line (and already has a waiting list of over 2,500).

Height, race and education are among those used to generate matches and a potential must fall within a user’s parameters.

Even if someone under 5’10”, for example, falls perfectly in line with another’s interests, career and preferred race and education level, they won’t be matched if the other’s height preference is set to 5’11” and above.(Read: My application, on which I put in zero effort and let Facebook choose my interests for me based on recent likes, would quickly be rejected.

Members receive expedited review of their applications, concierge service, more potential matches and access to invite-only events (to which members can invite up to four of their own matches because they “don’t have time to go on four dates”) that include happy hours, sit-down dinners and weekend getaways.

, in a tongue-in-cheek piece, reflected on its keenness to “descend upon the 305 like Noah’s Ark, ready to pair us into high-functioning, Instagram-ready power couples” and its urging to “keep our “way-too-restrictive-height preferences” set at 6’2″”.

The team behind The League, which promises quality matches without fakes, games or ghosts, doesn’t see it as exclusive or elitist.

“We like to think of The League as a members-only club with a killer singles scene,” Meredith Davis, Head of Communications for the app, available for both i OS and Android, told the Agenda on Monday.

Register now for free This site may contain sexually explicit photos of someone you know.

These women are ONLY looking for casual sexual encounters.

“While you may not get as many matches on The League as you do on other dating apps, we think that you’ll find more quality and actually want to take it offline,” Davis explained.

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