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Depending on the type of ceremony you’re opting for, there can be heaps of paperwork to get your head around so the sooner you tackle this more practical stuff, the better.

We cannot stress how important these documents and steps are – it can be crazy confusing but they’re essential steps and in some cases are legal requirements. To help you get started, firstly we’ve got a list of what you’ll need for the state (or legal side of things) followed by a breakdown of what you’ll need for each type of wedding ceremony in Ireland whether you’re planning a church, civil or humanist ceremony.

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Anyone getting married in Ireland whether it’s Church, Civil or Humanist ceremony must give a minimum of three months notice to the state of their intention to marry.

To do this, you must book an appointment with your local registrar office (you can do it online here), at least three months before your wedding date. You will need to bring the following documents along with you to your appointment: Fee: There is a fee of €200 for all couples (cash or card is accepted).

Tell me the truth upfront, even if it hurts me, versus hiding something from me.

We believe passionately in planning every aspect of your perfect wedding experience, from start to finish, at world class standards.

Additional charges also apply for civil ceremonies.

Marriage Registration Form (MRF) At the appointment you will be asked a series of questions to establish if you’re free to marry.

The full (legal) version is listed on the Civil Registration Services website, but here are the requirements in a nutshell: All of the following information is based on the official HSE registering a civil marriage information, the Citizen's Information getting married information, This is just a top-level guide, talk to your venue and your local registry office about your own circumstances, but if anything here is unclear or incorrect, just let us know.

Your wedding ceremony will be up there as one of the most memorable parts of the day but when it comes to getting to the altar, it doesn’t come without its own share of heartache/stress/tears.

Do you want to get married in Ireland but are worried about whether your marriage will be recognised back home?

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