Dating habits of the earthbound best questions to ask on a dating website

Well, I am still trying to figure out which planet I am from, but it is fun to say the above sentence aloud! I go through the motions of living a ‘normal’ life on a daily basis – I meet real humans who call themselves friends; I go to places that serve nourishment and force the goop down my throat; and to really throw off any suspicions about my origin, I even go to these armchairs with holes (seriously weird!

(short for En TREPreneur)Men are from Mars, women are from Venus and I am from Uranus. I am an alien who has painstakingly morphed himself into what the scientists call the ‘human’ form.

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) every morning and pretend to download stuff there.

Now you know why I said I go through the ‘motions’ of living a normal life!

Chaitanya is also a mentor at Neotec Hub, the startup accelerator by the Ambuja Neotia group.

He has consulted with Fortune 100 companies in the US, Canada, and Europe, and is an MBA from Indian School of Business, Hyderabad.

In this mockumentary, an observant alien reveals the bizarre and hilarious truth about human dating rituals and relationships.

The alien (David Hyde Pierce) focuses on two young people who meet in a Los Angeles nightclub.

It’ll be written in the E-Trep language and over the course of the coming weeks, you’ll be able to read this manual here.

You can either choose to tune into my telepathic frequency, or you can choose to watch this space next week!

but none of these things managed to erase the great fun in this film.

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