Dating habits of french women

This year I’ve been doing some traveling, mostly in Europe.

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But after a stay in France outside of big cities, and coming back to America, you’d think you were dealing with two separate races of humans: one who only requires to eat 2 or 3 times a day, and one who seemingly must eat every 2 hours to survive! This constant snacking is also encouraged by America’s nutritionists and fitness experts, who have for years spoken against eating “big meals that drain your energy” and instead recommended to eat lots of small meals every 2-3 hours, to “keep the metabolism up.” In reality, this eating frequency has no real scientific basis and seemingly doesn’t lead to good results, considering that most of the world goes pretty well on 2 or 3 meals a day, while Americans, with obesity rates pushing 35%, are told to eat more often. I don’t mind big highways myself and I feel more comfortable driving a Jeep SUV than a Smart For Two car. The topic of portion sizes as a cue to overeating is explored in depth in the book “The End of Overeating” by David Kessler.

If you ever go to Paris, or on your next trip there, I want you to walk into a Parisian café and order a “jus d’orange” (orange juice). Quoting a study done on the popcorn eating habits at movie theaters, “people who were given the big buckets ate an average of 53 percent more than those given medium-size buckets.

Some French people I know, living in Montreal, only eat some fruit and have a cup of coffee for breakfast.

A single croissant is also popular to eat for breakfast in France, and dip in your coffee. As we’ve seen, French people eat a small breakfast (if they eat at all).

In America, any time of the day is a good excuse to eat something sweet…

Other traditions that we’ve completely forgotten is the “dessert,” which is supposed to be a special treat that you have after a meal, when you can afford it.

In Italy, the cappuccino or caffè latte is something you drink in the morning, for breakfast.

At other times of the day you’re supposed to drink black espresso, and only after meals.

I’ve also lived in the USA and traveled there quite a bit.

I’ve visited over 25 countries and I’ve been to Europe many times.

In most parts of the world, breakfast is not sweet.

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