Dating guy sam goldman

This is a below average animated comedy show (for adult audiences not kids).

Softy Cory Doran as Tuscadaro Novie Edwards as Lila Mazin Elsadig as African Dudes Megan Fahlenbock as Charlene Kristin Fairlie as Mandy Debra Felstead as Amelia Louis Ferreira as Police Officer Vince Fab Filippo as Mark Dexler Von Flores as Customs Agent Colin Fox as Winchester Jill Frappier as Muff Diego Fuentes as Dr.

Pedro Mengele Sarah Gadon as Darlene Ana Golja as Little Girl Contestants Tamara Gorski as Cherry Sundae Sabrina Grdevich as Connie Kathryn Greenwood as Valerie Katie Griffin as Charity Elizabeth Hanna as Old Immigrant Mother Dwayne Hill as Randy the Mugger Ava Himmel as Anika Gabriel Hogan as Anderson Anderson Gabriel Hogan as Jenshrew the Alien Alex House as Trip Clovis Tracey Hoyt as Doctor Maxwell Bruce Hunter as Homeless Guy Athena Karkanis as Diana Alex Karzis as Nick the Chin Linda Kash as Adoption Agency Woman Hadley Kay as Mythical DJ Joel Keller as Rudolph Rosa Laborde as Frieda Rosa Laborde as Gina Rosa Laborde as Lily Kathleen Laskey as Denise Feltche Kathleen Laskey as Denise Feltcher Karen Le Blanc as Sexy Computer Voice Noah Lehman as Ned Julie Lemieux as Nathan Jane Luk as Lacey Lau Shauna Mac Donald as Nautica 5000 Howie Mandel as Brian Booyah Ruth Marshall as Cody Bryn Mc Auley as Celia Bryn Mc Auley as Lead Camper Krystal Meadows as Ursula James Millington as Larry Widemir Normil as Woody Dan Petronijevic as Carl Anastasia Phillips as Debbi Chantal Quesnelle as Donna Anand Rajaram as V. Mendhi Martin Roach as David Rick Roberts as Kristof Brittany Scobie as Clerk Naomi Snieckus as Amanda John Stocker as TV Anchor Aron Tager as Captain Steiner Robert Tinkler as Dick Cobra Robert Tinkler as Noiseman Robert Tinkler as Various Joanne Vannicola as Stephanie Stephanie Sugith Varughese as Vikram Cha Cha Asia Vieira as Sue Asha Vijayasingham as Reena Olivier Visentin as V.

The Dating Guy” is a half-hour animated comedy about the single life of twenty-somethings in the city.

They’ve finished school and are living on their own, but they haven’t settled down yet or even accrued much of a bank account.

Ash has played various roles in Scare Tactics as well as the Canadian TV series Almost Heroes.

She had a recurring role in The Ron James Show and made guest appearances in Lost Girl, Cracked, Bomb Girls and Call Me Fitz.The kind of thing I could put on in the background while I caught up on some of my work after I came home from the office.It's not particularly smart or funny and the characters are kinda blah but it is harmless overall and I've seen a lot worse.And the views on race and gender sort of reinforce negative stereotypes(just slightly) rather than parody media and the general public way of thinking.The episodes that are funny or involve celebrity appearances(Russel Peters) are more pleasant surprises than anything else. Sometimes it’s twins, sometimes it’s conjoined twins (which is way less awesome than it sounds) and sometimes it’s a shameful night at home with the palm twins.

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