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You may have a recurring pattern of which you are completely unaware that is sabotaging your budding relationships.

Dating is perhaps the most important arena where feedback can literally change your life, but no one is brave enough to ask! Uncovering the gap between your perceptions and his or her reality enables you to find your mate quickly and efficiently. I had nine reports of marriage last month alone (and hundreds over the years) from my former clients who found their mate soon after I conducted exit interviews for them.

They used my candid feedback to tweak their early stage dating behavior.

As a dating coach and matchmaker, I’ve spent the past ten years conducting some very unconventional dating research using a business concept called “exit interviews.” Yup, that’s right: I called up your former dates and asked them what really happened when things didn’t work out.

I want you to use this information as power, enabling you to have better success when the right person comes along next time.

If you’re new to online dating – or simply new to the New York City dating world – here’s a quick guide to get you started. First thing’s first – what do you want to gain from your online dating experience? Are you just trying to meet new people and explore the city? You’ll find countless dating apps out there, so browsing through the same type of profiles can get tedious.

Not everyone has the same dating objectives, so knowing what you’re looking for will help narrow down your prospects. If you’re looking for something different from the typical app swamped with shirtless bathroom selfies, then the Hart app is a great choice.

Give the Hart app a try, and you’ll definitely have a chance at finding a deeper connection – one sparked by creativity, intellect and perspective rather than a cute profile picture.

Download the Hart app and get started on your NYC dating adventure today!

Rather than uploading photos of yourself, you post works of art or images that appeal to you, and connect with people who have similar tastes or interests.

Clicking with someone over a mutual appreciation for NYC street art is much more meaningful than a first impression somewhere along the lines of “You look hot in that bikini.”Warm up with a phone call.

Of course, they didn’t change who they were or pretend to be someone they weren’t, but they simply minimized certain comments or behaviors which I discovered were turn-offs by dates who didn’t call or email them back.

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