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Every date idea is novel and a new shared experience. Similar to the vineyard, taking the time to learn something about your libations is a real bonding experience. Remember to make sure the high school kids aren’t around. You might even have several early date ideas all planned out and ready to go to recycle with whomever you’ve just started seeing. Three hundred miles with her arms wrapped around you. If you’re not going for a weekend or a long trip, the anniversary date night itself is the big show. Pretty much the only way to ensure she’s closer to you than the motorcycle ride.“Don’t stop believing! Expand your anniversary beyond just one day by planning a trip that can span several.

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Once you nail your anniversary date, you’ve got 364 other days where you could use a date idea in your back pocket. Be it double dating with friends, or, if you have completely messed up your anniversary date (which, if you’ve read this list, you haven’t), a first date idea, the key is to always be thinking.

Dating games are usually based on a point-n-click gameplay with heavy text content in which you can choose several paths.

We’ve compiled the best anniversary date ideas to get you started.

You may need to do a little bit of legwork to make some of these happen, but there are plenty you can accomplish today.

It’s not enough just to remember your anniversary, though that is a necessary condition, you have to mark the occasion. Here’s a list of anniversary date ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Ballroom dancing lessons were probably a lofty goal in the lead up to the wedding.

We’ve broken them down into a few different categories to align with where you’re at in your relationship, or when you’re actually going to be marking the occasion. Spend time on each other and make the world a little bit better. Sometimes the “Happiest Place on Earth” isn’t just a marketing slogan. Your anniversary is a special day, but there’s not a day a hot soak doesn’t improve. Now that you’ve got the extra time, learn the proper technique to cut a rug.

Snuggle up and watch for a piece of dust to graze the atmosphere. If you don’t live near water, hit up the local botanical garden. This is a bold move, but you’re going to get a crash course in interpersonal communication. No better way to remember you’re growing old together than buying something ancient.

It sounds cliche, and perhaps it is, but it is cheap.

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