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"We met up at the Pavek Museum [of Broadcasting] last summer," said Iverson, who runs the "Lunch with Casey" and "Minnesota Kidvid" websites. He also recalled appearing at Excelsior Amusement Park with Casey Jones [Roger Awsumb] and Wrangler Steve [portrayed by Cannon]." Al De Rusha, who was floor director on "Captain 11," also caught up Lange last summer at the broadcast museum and recalled Thursday that "the guy never changed. An accomplished golfer, Lange attended the U on the Chick Evans Scholarship through the Western Golf Association.

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on 'The Tennessee Ernie Ford Show' " starting in 1962 as the announcer and Ford's sidekick.

Three years later, Lange rocketed onto the daytime game-show scene as host of ABC's "The Dating Game," which debuted in 1965 and on which he appeared through the 1970s, charming audiences with his mellifluous voice and wide, easygoing grin.

However, she said, the frame with Saul may have been considered a more obvious choice for a Pittsburgh publication, since a Steeler was in the frame.

Photo editor for Al Jazeera America Vaughn Wallace (a Pitt graduate and former Post-Gazette intern) said he gravitates to the moment between Saul and Tittle.

“I understand the argument about using frame 24 but #31(the Steelers player whose back dominates half of the frame) ruins the moment for me.”One of the best photographers covering sports today is Elsa Garrison of Getty Images.

She said she would stick with the photo of Tittle alone. the frame selected is clearly the stronger picture,” she said.

It was a Sunday in September, 1964, and Steelers’ John Baker had just delivered a brutal hit to the Giants quarterback, Y. The famous frame is the middle negative in a strip of three — frame No. We scanned the entire strip and were surprised by what we found.

Tittle had been the NFL’s Most Valuable Player the year before and had taken his team to the championship game in ‘61, ‘62 and ‘63. Recently, Digs reporter and Post-Gazette photographer Steve Mellon unearthed Berman’s original 35mm negatives, long considered lost.

And what The Post-Gazette’s Peter Diana has been shooting professional sports in Pittsburgh for decades — you may have seen his front-page picture of Martavis Bryant’s somersault catch this past Sunday. “I love the isolation, his hands on his knees, finally taking a breath, someone who left it all on the field,” Diana said.

Capturing a moment of isolation during a professional football game is incredibly difficult, given the crowded conditions on the field and along the sidelines.”It’s so hard to get a clean image,” Diana said.

If there was room for it, a tight crop of Tittle alone would be the ultimate image of Steeler dominance.

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