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It is becoming more common for American men to retire to Thailand and marry a Thai wife.

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It is important that American men carefully assess their reasons for taking a Thai bride, and the reason why young women marry wealthy American retirees.

However, not all such marriages are for the wrong reasons, and the vast majority endure in spite of the potential problems.

More and More American men are retiring to Thailand with a Thai wife.

This trend has not only continued but exploded in recent years driven on by the economic downturn in the United States.

However there is also evidence that marriages between Thai women and foreign spouses in North Eastern Thailand are facing some difficulties as the level of divorce in such marriages is higher than normal for Thailand.

However it should be noted that this rate is far below the level divorce now seen the United States itself.

They are retired and have been unhappy in their previous relationships, and are hoping that they can settle down in a more stable relationship with a beautiful young Thai woman.

For many Thai women, on the other hand, the arrangement is more of a financial one. These Thai women, often with a history of being involved in Thailand's infamous sex industry, marry men such as American retirees much older than they would normally dream of marrying for economic reasons and to escape their fate.

'The first thing to understand is that there are financial motives behind the trend but beyond this there is a lot more going on.

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