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When you start using an expat dating site, keep these online dating tips in mind.

This week, Heather, from the blog Adventures Around the World, shares her perspective as a single “solo” Foreign Service Officer.

The dating scene itself can differ drastically in some countries.

The most obvious obstacle may be culture clashes (for example, differing expectations about gender roles) or lacking a common language.

Online dating allows the freedom to log on and contact with other single expats when it suits you, rather than putting in hours at random social events hoping to meet someone – and being disappointed if it doesn’t work out.

Expat online dating sites also let you get to know someone in advance before you invest a lot of time dating someone who might not turn out to be a good match.But the question remains: how do you find a great date while living abroad?Even people in their home country can find it hard to meet the right person; expat singles have to navigate some additional hurdles while trying to flirt with the locals.Though you might get in shape and have some fun by participating in these activities, it is not magic formula for finding romance.Online dating sites present the perfect solution to some of the challenges single expats face while living abroad.However, there are many drawbacks, and it is critical that you be made aware of them, and understand them.

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