Dating deal online

There are proven steps you can take to reduce fraud on your dating site as there are some patterns of suspicious behavior, such as immediate changes to the account details, including location, age, or photos.

The real problem begins when daters start interacting with fake profiles.

It needs to be spotted as quickly as possible before anything bad happens, especially when users don’t know how to recognize the red flags.

This is why you need anti-fraud systems with well-optimized fraud rules that will help you prevent various types of abuse.

Bearing this in mind, choose solutions that provide fraud systems, so you’re notified about any suspicious activity as soon as it occurs.

Of course, you can’t protect everyone from sharing their money with people they know nothing about.

You can count on users’ common sense or ability to verify people they flirt with through social media etc.

That is 2,952 more scam reports than were submitted the year before.

During this period there were 326 romance scams and the largest amount lost was 0,000,000, so the scale is large.

It’s especially crucial for dating websites where people share much of their personal data.

Think about the way users interact on your site and how many personal data they leave — they need to trust your website before they start using it.

They also make as many connections and spam as many people as possible.

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