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If we are going to escape from illusions, the only place to escape to is a reality.Click HERE to Connect with your Daily Horoscope on OMTimes!We achieve healing in accord with the way we are willing to accept it.

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In spite of the solid storyline, we were never really sick in the first place.

We are eternal, whole, spiritual beings created in the image and likeness of a perfect God.

Neither the Course nor I am suggesting that you should avoid, deny, or discredit doctors and medicine, all of which help in important ways.

Good doctors and medicine are blessings that serve nobly to relieve suffering.

Considering the Course’s bold stance on the power of the mind, Puppy Pregnancy Syndrome is not so different from the ways we manufacture and offset more accepted diseases.

We dream we are sick; we go to a doctor who believes in the same dream (or, more precisely, is an actor in our dream), the physician prescribes dream medicine, and then we experience a dream healing.

Edgar Cayce said, “Mind is the builder.” Thoughts build illness, and they build healing. Not that we don’t have physical symptoms, which certainly feel real in the world of the senses. Louise Hay did groundbreaking work identifying the relationship between belief, feeling, illness, and healing.

Her books provide clear roadmaps tracing obvious symptoms to more subtle causes. Then we mobilize Louise’s suggested affirmation of the truth that offsets the illusion to which the client has been subscribing.

We got mixed up thinking we are bodies, became subject to all the “laws” that govern bodies and produced the stories that bodies go through.

Even as this drama unfolds, we remain as God created us.

The Course takes a firm stand that our pain and healing are more a function of our thoughts than physical causes.

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