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His masterpiece “Original Cast Album: Company” (1970) is a stripped-down homily to the act of people acting; the contradictory power of people playing themselves for his exacting nonfiction camera is the de facto subject of all of Pennebaker’s films. M.” (1971), his radical collaboration with Jean-Luc Godard, exemplifies Pennebaker’s commitment to innovative cinematic forms.of Pennebaker that was so influential to several generations of documentary filmmakers.

“The War Room” (1993) is the greatest political documentary ever made, an extraordinary behind-the-scenes look at Bill Clinton’s successful 1992 presidential campaign, which showed that everyone in politics, including strategists-turned-television personalities James Carville and George Stephanopoulos, were actors without scripts.

Sonia Moskowitz/Pennebaker Hegedus/Kobal/Shutterstock Pennebaker and Hegedus continued to produce vital work, and their last film together was “Unlocking the Cage” (2016), an affecting look at the thin line between the legal rights – and the emotional interior lives – of we humans and other animals, showing us all just how good they still were. He loved ideas and he remained excited about the possibilities of what we do until his last days.

Pennebaker’s son Frazer was their producer, and the sense that family and this kind of work were inseparable was a big part of Penny and Chris’ infectious allure.

But so was their enduring devotion to making films.

The film opens with footage Cooper shot of his mom on a beach in 1990, two years after his brother Carter took his own life.

Garbus discovered the footage among many boxes of material Cooper unearthed in a storage unit Vanderbilt has had for his entire covers topics using an immersionist style of documentary filmmaking.Yes, I enjoyed seeing scenes of Barcelona and hearing them speak Catalan. Barcelona is organised as a registered association. But when I went to Barcelona over the summer there were Catalonian flags hanging from ever balcony.It was created by a man who loved the act of making things and loved pushing the documentary form forward.A few years later, Pennebaker hooked up with Robert Drew, Richard Leacock, the Maysles brothers and others to invent a whole new way of seeing.Afterwards, Penny, Chris, my partner Deanna and our two kids all stood in the hallway of the cinema, with Penny excitedly telling us about some of his unseen experimental films from the sixties that reminded him of my work. Imagine being films, and still finding the time and energy to go deep with a younger filmmaker like me. Thank you for paving the road for all of us to drive down.

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