Dating co worker

Other workplaces allow them, but there are guidelines in place about what kind of relationships and behaviors are and aren't OK. "You do not want to put your job in jeopardy," Goren warns.

If you're second-guessing whether you should shoot your shot, you might be surprised to know that dating or sleeping with a coworker is actually fairly common.

In fact, a February 2019 study from job site shows that 58% of employees have been in a relationship with a colleague.

Here are seven things to keep in mind if you're thinking about wooing your work crush.

If you think about it, it makes a whole bunch of sense why you'd develop feelings for someone you work with: You spend so much time together!

If you're hooking up with your boss or sleeping with your assistant, projects, performance reviews, promotions and even layoffs can get super messy.

If you really feel like your boss or junior team member is "the one," Goren says you can try talking to HR and seeing if you can transfer teams.Between staff meetings, happy hours, and collaborating on projects each day, you really get to know someone. While falling for a colleague may seem only natural, says Dana Goren, head of human resources at HR tech company Hibob, "It is important to be cautious when entering this type of relationship." The first issue that might come up is your company's policy on romantic and sexual relationships between employees.Some companies straight-up ban any type of relationship."If you are not sure how a coworker would respond, try to ask around and see if they have expressed romantic interest in you before," Goren suggests."Casually bringing this topic up to others is a safe way to find out if they may have said something, and to confirm that they are indeed single."Dr. Smedley, a clinical psychologist and active member of the American Psychological Association, says your should not not proceed if asking your work crush out if it would make them uncomfortable.It really just depends, so be sure to read the room!

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