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She’s doused with blood by the end, of course, and a body count ensues, but hey, that’s just a metaphor for Daniel Clowes Plenty of artistic projects have given us a view of high school from the outsider’s perspective—perhaps because writers are often outsiders, and you write what you know.

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Greg wants only to stay completely neutral in high school, and avoid anyone getting mad at him; he just wants to make films with his best friend, Earl.

He’s forced to address reality, emotions, and his own hidden humanity when a childhood friend develops cancer, and he becomes her official companion in her haunting final days.

The event will be followed by a resource fair that will feature local professionals, student groups, and LGBTQ resources.

To RSVP and learn more, visit https://es-saferchoices.

And ultimately, that is why we are all here, isn't it?

The School District of Elmbrook and Elmbrook Parent Network will welcome national speaker Mike Domitrz, Founder of The Center for Respect, to present the powerful educational program "SAFER Choices: Dating, Communication, Respect, and Sexual Assault Awareness" to our community on Monday, October 21st at PM at the Sharon Lynne Wilson Center.

We feel that it really encapsulates the High School experience better than most TV shows or movies about the same topic.

Still, if you want to just relax and turn off your brain for a while with something only vaguely related to High School then you should totally check out a game like High School Band its more fantasy than reality but its no less fun.

Telgemeier’s graphic novel encapsulates all that, plus the nostalgic backstage feelings that bond kids and actors for life. Harry, Ron, and Hermione start acting like moody adolescents and as they wade into the dating pool, and Harry and Ron realize for the first time that Hermione is a girl. While Hermione goes with a Quidditch star, Harry and Ron can’t get the dates they want and end up sulking on the sidelines. Hinton Who knows teens better than a teen knows teens? It feels intense and realistic, like a more richly imagined West Side Story set against the rural backdrop of small-town Oklaoma.

It’s a whole new take on our favorite magical trio. , by John Green and David Levithan John Green and David Levithan joined forces on this, the alternating stories of two boys named Will Grayson.

It’s about putting yourself out there, not to be popular, but to make just one or two friendships that will matter and last.

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