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Project Fi is an interesting new carrier choice with some great features, like access to two mobile networks and Wifi calling, but perhaps its greatest draw is the way it bills you for service.

It's not unlike many prepaid carriers in that it charges you up front for service that you use in the month, but the way Fi refunds you for unused data, doesn't charge extra for overages, and gives you a clear and concise bill is intriguing.

That .30 comes up as a direct credit on your next bill as the top line item.

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Six main character stats There'll be six main character stats influencing your character's skills, speed, and success in both combat and social interaction: Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Perception, Charm, and Temperament.

It's the last one that interest us most: does a grumpy temperament stop people wanting to talk to you, or an easy-going one change your dialogue options?

"The world is affected by your actions Starks also explained that the player's actions not only affects the story but the world around them.

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All of the jokes All signs point towards The Outer Worlds not taking itself too seriously.

The NPCs really lean into parody, rattling off the names of their favorite brands and speaking obliviously of their "odious interpersonal skills" – while your dialogue options will really let you poke fun.

We've used Project Fi for over a month now, and finally have two full bills to look at and see just how easy the billing process is.

This is how it goes down when its time to pay Google for phone service.

You have all of the power here to decide how much you pay and use, and Project Fi makes it simple to follow your monthly usage.

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