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Together, they cited information from 13 references.

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From 1988 onwards, all international bank transfers were done with ISO 8601 international dates. According to a spokesperson from the Canadian Payments Association, all formats for reporting the date are equally acceptable – no matter if you choose to write the day, month, or year first.

Though this is largely due to the demands of ubiquitous technology, it’s still a huge victory for the Big-Endians. However, all Canadian checks have date field indicators, which must be filled out prior to deposit or else the bank will not accept the payment.

While the matter may seem quite unimportant, it resulted in a civil war between the two sides, and the needless deaths of good people.

To computer scientists, endianness is a system where the units are ordered based on size.

The article le is required in prose except when including the day of the week in a date.

When writing a date for administrative purposes (such as to date a document), one can write the date with or without the article.

The spokesperson said this convoluted policy resulted from a consultation with stakeholders in 1997, where people were so opinionated that no consensus could be reached.

(The spokesperson did say that ISO 8601 dates are the preferred format, and the Standards Council of Canada recommends it.*) In 2011, Ontario MP Daryl Kramp introduced a bill that sought to bring use the ISO 8601 date system in all Canadian legal proceedings.* While this is a great move for the cause of Canadian date uniformity, change happens slowly.

It’s a way of explaining how you are storing computer memory—a big-endian system keeps the most important bit of information in the smallest address, a little-endian would do the reverse.

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