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Such works include, but are not limited to, copyrightable works of students created in the course of their education, such as dissertations, papers and journal articles.Authors of copyrightable works that are not owned by the system, its members, or another party such as a research sponsor, own the copyright in their works and are free to publish them, register the copyright, and receive any revenues which may result.Posted March 16, 2017 by Zach with 90 comments In case you’re not on Twitter or haven’t seen yet, perhaps the most famous Corbin Fisher model of all time, Connor, is now regularly interacting with fans on a new account, “” and he’s running an adult membership site with his real-life wife, Alexis Monroe.

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The Honor Council, comprised of students and faculty from colleges and offices across the University, will investigate all such infractions of the honor code and recommend appropriate sanctions. Contact information for each campus can be found at the following: The ownership, management and commercialization of system-owned Intellectual Property and Tangible Research Property are set forth in System Policy 17.01 Intellectual Property Management and Commercialization.

The website, , defines the types of infractions and the possible consequences. In addition to adherence to the Honor Code, a student (graduate students in particular) who is completing a thesis, record of study, dissertation, and publication may fall under the additional federal requirements promulgated by the Office of Research Integrity (Scientific Misconduct Regulations — 42 CFR part 50), as well as Texas A&M System Regulations and Texas A&M University Rules (Texas A&M System Regulations — Ethics in Research, Scholarship and Creative Work — , and Texas A&M University rules and standard administrative procedures — Responsible Conduct in Research and Scholarship — . Intellectual Property will mean, collectively, all forms of intellectual property including, but not limited to, issued patents, patentable inventions, copyrightable works, trademarks, mask works, and trade secrets.

Students are protected from discrimination regarding access to and participation in TAMU’s programs and activities.

TAMU provides academic adjustments and auxiliary aides to accommodate needs of students with disabilities, as defined under the law, who are otherwise qualified to meet the institution’s academic requirements.

Students who will be involved in research involving human subjects (e.g., survey data; human tissue/cell lines, protected health information), animals (e.g., vertebrate animals, animal tissues/cell lines), and/or biosafety/biohazards (e.g., recombinant DNA/transgenic animals, plants; agents infectious to humans, animals or plants) should obtain approval through the appropriate university committee (or be included in existing research approvals) prior to engaging in the research.

Engaging in unauthorized research can result in severe penalties for non-compliance.

It is also required that the student clearly indicate what the student’s independent contributions were to the work.

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