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And this characteristic of their appearance, girls try to support them in every way possible.

They take care of themselves, carefully choose a wardrobe, they want to look rich and elegant.

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There is a certain idea about women, girls from the Baltic countries.

The traditional image is a fragile, feminine blonde with fair skin and blue eyes.

Their beauty could only be affected by the beauty of the Baltic nature.

The vast meadows, the fresh sea with magnificent pine forests on the banks.

In many ways, such a stereotypical representation is true, beautiful Lithuanian, indeed, most blondes.

But among the representatives of this people, including those who participate in beauty contests, there are also brunettes, girls with red hair.In a place so attractive and fantastic, only princesses with white hair and blue eyes can live.The Lithuanians, (Litovki) are in appearance are very aristocratic and refined.Several testimonials on the internet testify to the vigor of these Slavic women with different customs of Kazakh or Ukrainian women.They have more Latin side of Russian women, that is to say, inflamed, sexually very open and quick to make contact, which can be disarming compared to Ukrainian women.They have succeeded not only in absorbing the best European traditions and values, but also in preserving their originality in Slavic countries.

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