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Aside from that, an artist has no schedule – technically.When inspiration strikes, there are no time-cards, logbooks or overtime pay.Sculptors may spend hours on end staring at a block of marble.

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Artists are just like every other people on the planet.

They aren’t that different from everyone else, but they do bring something to the table that most of us don’t – creativity and passion.

Being an artist requires a big investment in terms of money.

Their instruments and materials are pretty expensive, and they are aware of that.

In terms of relationships, they love just as much as the next person.

The only difference is that being an artist means that your personal life becomes a huge part of your work.

If you’re looking to date an artist because you think that they make a lot of money, think again.

[Read: 17 brilliant ways to save money as a couple] #3 Jealousy.

Honestly, people should not segregate artists from us non-creative folks.

We’re not the ones who are feeling the impact of this type of mentality.

I’m talking about how you can inspire yourself to have as much passion about your job as they do, even if you’re not an artist. If you’re dating an artist who has a moderate understanding of how the world works, you can rest assured that they will not allow themselves to fail in their endeavor.

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