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For details of this bed including a new adjustable slatted bed base and to see more photos click here.

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If you want to create an antique French bed without having a high or enclosed footboard, using just a headboard allows you to do that. Antique French Small Double 4ft Bed 1930s Blue INCLUDES BASE The price of £359 includes a new adjustable bed base. For details of this bed excluding a slatted bed base click here. This bed was in excellent condition so has not been sandblasted, we cleaned the existing frame and have spray painted it as was. I travel throughout France each year to find beautiful beds and vintage decorative items and furniture.

I love the items I buy and spend many hours bringing them back to life so they look stunning in your house.

In the cold European winters, bed warmers were a welcome comfort.

The pan itself was made of brass or copper, and filled with hot coals, had a long wooden handle so it could be pushed under the covers of the bed into the position of the feet.

Dating from circa 1940s / 50s, it is rare to find a matching pair of double beds. Antique French 4 ft Small Double Iron Metal Brass Bed Headboard This is a headboard only – suitable for use with headless bed frame or divan – it needs to be fixed to a wall.

Can be left as they are for a retro look, or they could be sandblasted and repainted / lacquered. Beautiful iron and brass headboard, circa early 20th century. My name is Elena and I established the company over 15 years ago.

The last photo below shows how the bolts are used in most French beds. Twin Pair of French 4 ft 6 Double Iron Beds INCLUDES BASES For price details of these beds including a slatted bed base click here.

For details of the 2 New Adjustable Bed Bases included in this sale please click here.

If the bed was dry, the pan had to be constantly moved so it would not scorch the sheets, but this was not always a problem as sometimes the bedding was damp. Some warming pans had patterns marked out in piercing to the lids, which also allowed the heat to escape.

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