Dating an amish can good looks be intimidating

I also had fun taking care of horses and gardening to raise my own food.For some time now, I have wanted to share my history and the testimony of how I found Jesus.

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My name is Eric, and I am from Saint Paul, Minnesota.

When I was sixteen, I began studying all the different "tribes,” sects, and denominations of Christianity; I had a hunger for God and was searching for Him because I wasn't satisfied with the rigid formalism of the Lutheran church I was in.

There are several different types of Amish around Ontario.

In Amish there are degrees of "Amishness," and we would have been near the lowest with Swartzrntruber Amish at the bottom.

I was taught about Jesus from the moment I could remember; I was told that in order to be a child of God, I had to obey all of his rules, which were taught by my parents and the church.

I never questioned anything my parents or the church taught me.

I was born and raised in the countryside of La Grange, Indiana.

For the first twenty years of my life, I lived with my parents in an Amish community.

In May of 2017, John, his wife Katie and my sister Anna drove nine hours one way and brought me back to Ohio. Growing up it seemed life was simple; everything was black and white.

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