Dating a veterinarian

Every other relationship I've been in has ended in large part because my partner couldn't understand the nature of my;dr version, I don't think there's an issue with a tech dating a vet, but it's just not a good idea to date someone you work with.

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If they worked at a different place, then I'd consider it if we really clicked.

It'd be nice to have someone who really /gets/ it.

Alternately consider: other people are the worst, stay single and get 55 cats.

Again, love my partner, but trading in for uhhh 47 more cats is not an unattractive life plan.

Being a vet is not the one deciding factor to me, it’s everything else about him.

Never dated a vet, but before I married my husband we worked together in food service and it suuuucked.Female veterinarians escape that stereotype – guys know we probably have a higher tolerance for dirt, hair, drool, and mud.Considering men may realize that they have some similar qualities to dogs (dirt, hair, drool, mud, and of course, loyalty), why wouldn’t they want to jump on the love train?There are also 2 doctors who work together at our clinic and are very happy.It sounds like in general it may not work from the other comments here, but these couples seem happy. We work in the same hospital, but different departments (vet was hired after me and years after we married). Doesn't work for everyone, but we (and our hospital) are fine.We had very little time apart (something which both of us value a lot), and somehow simultaneously it was difficult to get time off to coincide properly for us to go out of town.

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