Sexy chat with real people - Dating a very quiet man

All of us have been shy guys and shy girls at some point of time.

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They’re afraid of failure and rejection and end up hiding in their own little world and bitch about how unfair the world is to them. It’s alright to fall a few times before you start walking.

It’s alright to get rejected a few times before you meet the perfect girl too!

[Read: How shy guys can get over their hover hands] #3 Don’t be afraid of being judged. Most shy guys avoid opening up to people because they assume they have nothing important to add. Remember that girls are a part of the human species too. They want to make a good impression on you just as much as you want to make an impression on them.

Or they stay quiet because they assume they’ll appear dumb if they speak too much. You may be shy, but you’re still a great guy who can share so much with his friends and the world. Some girls may have more confidence, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be more confident with a few tries. The dumbest shy guys are the ones who know they’re shy and yet don’t do anything to open up.

[Read: 10 traits of a good boyfriend] #1 A guy who can protect her #2 A guy she can depend on #3 A guy who can pursue her Now these three things that every girl needs may seem simple, but this is where almost every shy guy fails.

Do you realistically think you have the bold presence of a guy who can protect the girl from any trouble when she’s with you?Even if anyone insults them, they’d pretend like they’re not affected by it when in reality they’d be furious inside their shy heads. And they think they’re peace loving when they’re just too chicken hearted in reality. It takes too much time for a girl to get to know a shy guy.When great girls can get any guy they want, would a girl really be interested in counseling you and trying to make you a better man when they can be pampered and treated like a queen by any bold guy they want?The earlier you realize the need to change, the faster you can become a better man who can feel confident in his own shoes. What’s the point in waiting for a few meetings to be friendly?[Read: How to be a better man by using a role model] Here are five steps that can help you lose the shy guy tag with a bit of effort. Shy guys are cute friends, and not cute boyfriends.#5 Shy guys don’t have confidence around other people, especially other guys.

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