cost indian dating sites - Dating a pregnancy after miscarriage

The fear of miscarriage is one of the biggest fears women have during pregnancy.

We all know someone whose had it happen to them, or maybe it's happened to us.

Combined, the studies include results from over 50,000 participants.

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Obviously anything can happen, and knowing the chances of a miscarriage are smaller than the chances of a happy ending brings little comfort to those it happens to.

My deepest condolences to anyone whose ever suffered a loss.

The underlying model for this site is derived using meta analysis of the following peer reviewed papers on miscarriage.

The model can be be used without additional input, or can be adjusted with any combination of maternal age, height/weight (BMI), number of previous miscarriages and number of previous births inputs.

The Miscarriage Odds Reassurer is designed to remind us of this fact, and ease our fears.

The Miscarriage Odds Reassurer calculates the probability of miscarriage given how far a woman is in her pregnancy.This app is dedicated to a dear friend whose had more than her fair share of bad luck. You may enjoy our other pregnancy apps like the Personalized Week by Week Calendar.When you are a little further along in your pregnancy, be sure to check out the Labor Probability Calculator and Labor Probability Chart. Our Time to Conception Estimator can estimate how long it may take.Rather than simply give the probability of a miscarriage, however, the reassurer can also tell you how likely her pregnancy is to continue.The reassurer will let you know how much lower the probability of miscarriage is now than when your pregnancy first started, and how much lower yet they'll still be in the next couple of days.Problem 3: Nearly all these sites derive their statistics from just two small studies, one which The lack of good information frustrated me when I was pregnant, and I bet it frustrates you too.

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