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He also believed his Schilke horns had improvements on the Committee design.

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2) I have also noticed some of the 1960s "Side Scroller" and possibly "Top Scroller" logoed trumpets/cornets that have serial numbers in the 100,000 range.

These obviously are NOT subject to this serial number chart.

I also gathered information for this page from Music website that cites Albert Mensinga as the source for MANY of the serial numbers.

If you happen to have any additional information that would make this chart MORE accurate, please feel free to email me.

I do not know if an Elkhart Serial number list exists or not.

Big Thanks to Dr Rick's Vinllage Flute and Sax Shop website for providing some of the serial numbers and years produced.If your Buescher Trumpet/Cornet bares an engraving of an ELK on the bell, please see the note below the serial number chart.1) Some of the modern Buescher labeled trumpets from the 1970-present that have serial numbers that do not correspond to this chart.Most seem to have the "Upsidedown Nike" Bell Logo and are model BU-7.Selmer must have done a serial number "reset" at some point.They also bear the inscription "BUILT BY BUESCHER".

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