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it has a middly/flat tone compared to the sparkle & warmth gained from the Retro Tone upgrade Recently Retro Toned We don't get that many 'whole' amps to upgrade... 1984 Sessionette 112 Owner: Clifton Bass 1987 Sessionette 210 Owner: Chris Hobbs 1985 Sessionette 112 Owner: Dean Barnes 1984 Sessionette 112 Owner: Dean Barnes __________ I have bad news and good news!On Tuesday at band practice our lead guitarist's Marshall Valvestate broke down (that's supposed to be the bad news but we know better).__________ __________ The early Mk I models have an ILP 'black block' power amp module (HY200 or HY248) and should be avoided.

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You may have seen the brown pinstripe material shown in Michael Doyle’s History of Marshall book.

Although the material itself is genuine and not a reproduction, it is unlikely to have ever actually been used by Marshall.

I should add – I’m not blaming the authors of those books at all, just some of their information sources.

Apparently, a single full roll of brown pinstripe, still in its original brown wrapping, was purchased at an auction in Surrey.

Generally speaking, the older they are, the more collectable and valuable they are.

In particular, be very wary of anything from the pinstripe period; circa 1965 to early 1968.

Contributions made by fraudsters posing as experts.

This was a clever strategy for selling their lash-ups during pre-internet times, when books were the main reference material available.

It can be found on a lot of the older fakes made in the 1990’s: I have never seen this stuff in person, but apparently it feels quite rough – almost like sandpaper.

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