Dating a man with emotional baggage

Denying the existence and importance of negative experience, they deprive themselves of a valuable source of knowledge.Of course, the emotional baggage does not disappear anywhere - it does not care how its carrier behaves in public. If you find yourself in the same unpleasant situations (this is especially true in the relationship), then most likely you yourself model them - subconsciously, of course - in order to live negative emotions and learn from it.

Some men like to think of themselves as knights in shining armor who ride off to rescue damsels in distress.

If you've been going through a hard time -- for whatever reason -- it might feel nice to date a would-be rescuer.

The other is that he is exclusively attracted to manipulators or people who will treat him badly, which raises questions about how he perceives you.

Either can be a problem, but watch out for signs of misogyny.

If the man you're dating has a lot of stories about awful ex-girlfriends and the terrible things they did to him -- two possibilities exist.

One is that he has no insight into his own role in the failed relationships and he will probably make the same mistakes with you.Carrying emotional baggage is harder for those people who pretend that everything is fine and that they take only positive experience from everything.These people lie not only to others - their main problem is that they lie to themselves.Unfortunately, a man who sees himself in this role may lose interest in you, once you're back in a good place in your life.People who seem to need rescuing can be unstable in other ways, so the man who repeatedly tries to rescue women can also be the man whose ex-girlfriends are all supposed to be crazy.This type of baggage is even more of a problem when combined with bitterness and resentment.

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