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I didn’t think I’d like dating men in open relationships, but here I am, dating men with partners and husbands, and I couldn’t be happier.Are you thinking about having an open relationship with your partner?

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I never planned to date a guy in an open relationship.

It wasn’t that I was so gung-ho on monogamy, I just figured it wasn’t for me. (Or, rather, they didn’t discuss their open relationships with kids.

Cut to me living with him and his wife and being in this polyamorous relationship, which was one of the best years of my entire life.

Since then I have no qualms about dating men in open or polyamorous relationship. When you date men in open relationships, you actually get to date.

It’s not simply sex, and neither do they want to U-Haul right away.

That’s one thing that I’ve noticed happens often in the gay community. You just like the idea of me, or rather the idea of a boyfriend. But what I find more alluring about dating men in open relationships is the fact that it’s a relatively low risk/high reward situation.

But while dating I felt fulfilled in the relationship, and I learned something different about myself. Of course, you do you and find the type of relationship you think will make you fulfilled.

Nevertheless, I will say don’t knock something until you’ve tried it.

Other studies show that 70 % of relationships end because one has cheated. Lovers start yearning for more polarity and diversity in their relationships - especially during long-term relationships.

So People slowly look into other options and experiment with different concepts that suits their lifestyle better.

However, this is the wrong approach, as opening up a weak relationship is likely going to destroy it.

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